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Pregled trgov 11.11.-17.11.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (11.11.2019-17.11.2019).
Published: 18.11.2019 14:30:00

Pregled trgov 4.11.-10.11.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (4.11.2019-10.11.2019).
Published: 11.11.2019 08:30:00

Pregled trgov 28.10.-3.11.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (21.10.2019-27.10.2019).
Published: 04.11.2019 08:30:00

Pregled trgov 21.10.-27.10.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (21.10.2019-27.10.2019).
Published: 28.10.2019 08:30:00

Pregled trgov 14.10.-20.10.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (14.10.2019-20.10.2019).
Published: 22.10.2019 08:30:00

Pregled trgov 07.10.-13.10.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (07.10.2019-13.10.2019).
Published: 15.10.2019 10:30:00

Pregled trgov 30.09.-06.10.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (30.09.2019-06.10.2019).
Published: 07.10.2019 10:30:00

Pregled trgov 23.09.-29.09.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (23.09.2019-29.09.2019).
Published: 30.09.2019 10:30:00


Eligmin sistem Elipay je začel tranzicijo v GoCrypto.
Published: 23.09.2019 11:30:00

Pregled trgov 16.09.-22.09.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (16.09.2019-22.09.2019).
Published: 23.09.2019 10:30:00

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Sentenced: ICO Fraudster Will Serve Time in US Prison for Two Crypto Scams

Two fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs) have landed a Brooklyn businessman, Maksim Zaslavskiy, in prison. Zaslavskiy was sentenced on Monday to 1...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:33:11

Ethereum 2.0 Testnet update reports upward-trending 'finalized epoch'

Alongside the development of its flagship product, Prysm, a sharding client for Ethereum 2.0, Prysmatic Labs has now published its ‘Ethereum 2.0 Testn...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:30:56

Fidelity Bags Key License as Bitcoin Price Flails at $8,000

Fidelity Investments’ crypto-asset division, focused primarily on the market leader Bitcoin, has just been granted a key license by the New York...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:27:07

XRP and Major Altcoins Dive as Bitcoin Struggles to Hold Above $8,000

The aggregated crypto market has been incurring heightened selling pressure in the time since Bitcoin’s meteoric rally from $7,300 to $10,600, as it w...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:24:18

Bank of Japan Governor Announces Investigation into Digital Currencies

Bank of Japan, the country's central bank, has announced an investigation into digital currencies. Governor Haruhiko Kuroda says the bank has no i...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:20:00

Fidelity Wins Trading License in New York, Hurray to Bitcoin

Bitcoin adoption on Wall Street is looking real as a $2.8 trillion financial giant wins a license to trade and custody it. Boston-based Fidelity today...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:12:03

Ripple XRP price analysis: XRP price headed towards $0.22?

Ripple XRP price analysis reveals bearish tendencies that can pull the currency down to the $0.22 mark if the support fails to maintain above $0.24. R...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:09:54

Istanbul to Berlin: Ethereum Milestones on the Road to Serenity

The Istanbul hard fork is getting Ethereum one step closer to its long-anticipated 2.0 version
Published: 19.11.2019 18:03:00

Binance accelerates fiat support programme; unveils Turkish lira Fiat Gateway

Malta-based crypto-exchange Binance was in the news after it upped its maximum leverage and margin on BTC/USDT contracts to up to 125x, from the previ...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:00:46

Crypto risk management platform TRM Labs raises $4.2M from investors including PayPal and Y Combinator

Cryptocurrency risk management platform TRM Labs announced today that it had raised $4.2 million from investors, including PayPal Ventures, Initialize...
Published: 19.11.2019 18:00:44

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