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Pregled trgov 08.06.-14.06.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (08.06.2019-14.06.2019).
Published: 17.06.2019 10:30:00

Pregled trgov 01.06.-07.06.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (01.06.2019-07.06.2019).
Published: 10.06.2019 10:30:00

Pregled trgov 25.05.-31.05.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (25.05.2019-31.05.2019).
Published: 03.06.2019 10:30:00

Pregled trgov 18.05.-24.05.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (18.05.2019-24.05.2019).
Published: 27.05.2019 10:30:00

Pregled trgov 11.05.-17.05

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (11.05.2019-17.05.2019).
Published: 20.05.2019 10:30:00

Pregled trgov 03.04.-10.05.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (03.05.2019-10.05.2019).
Published: 13.05.2019 10:30:00

Kraja na borzi Binance

Kraja na borzi Binance
Published: 08.05.2019 20:00:00

Pregled trgov 06.04.-12.04.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (06.04.2019-12.04.2019).
Published: 15.04.2019 10:30:00

Kripto trg raste

Rast kripto trgov
Published: 02.04.2019 11:30:00

Pregled trgov 25.3.-31.3.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (25.03.2019-31.03.2019).
Published: 01.04.2019 10:30:00

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Will Cryptocurrency Libra Enter China with Facebook Ban and US-China Trade War?

Facebook made its cryptocurrency announcement on 18th June 2019. In less than 24 hours, Governments around the world asked for a review or a temporary...
Published: 19.06.2019 14:06:29

Facebook’s ‘Cryptocurrency’ Libra Finds Love In China

Despite overarching suspicion in the west, Facebook’s Libra ‘cryptocurrency’ does seem to be finding some love in China. Facebook La...
Published: 19.06.2019 14:00:20

TRON & XRP: Market oscillation subsides as resolute bulls take over; rationality over rewards?

A mere sighter of the bullish swings within the cryptocurrency space suggests that bulls are temporary; upswings don’t last and market oscillati...
Published: 19.06.2019 14:00:07

VanEck Subsidiary MVIS and Crescent Crypto Launch Three New Indices

MV Index Solutions, a major index provider for both cryptoassets and traditional financial products, have partnered with Crescent Crypto to launch thr...
Published: 19.06.2019 13:50:26

Bancor Bans US

For the first time, an ethereum based decentralized exchange has decided to ban US residents from accessing its website. “Beginning July 8, 2019...
Published: 19.06.2019 13:45:21

US police cracks down on cryptocurrency drug dealers

The United States police have conducted several arrests recently when they lured a known drug manufacturer and dealer to a crypto exchange deal worth ...
Published: 19.06.2019 13:44:56

US banks are reporting 100percent increase in trading revenue per quarter

Instability in stock and foreign exchange markets has resulted in booming trading revenue for banks, more than forty-four percent (44%) y-o-y and an a...
Published: 19.06.2019 13:43:27

PwC Adds Crypto Transaction Solution to Halo Auditing Tools

With the new tool, the company can now provide assurance services for companies that engage in crypto transactions.
Published: 19.06.2019 13:42:21

Dash Price Analysis: Dash Price Bulls In The Way To Cross $163

Dash price opened with a sloppy morning, but later picked up the pace and is now riding the bulls. The market also opened on a sour note, but now most...
Published: 19.06.2019 13:41:59

100% Cardano Price Spike Awaits After TestNet Release, Predicts Analyst

By CCN Markets: Cardano is up by over 105 percent year-to-date as it trades at $0.0903 as of this writing. The cryptocurrency is known to some as the ...
Published: 19.06.2019 13:36:37

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