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Pregled trgov 10.01. - 16.01.

Pregled trgov 10.01. - 16.01. 
Objavljeno: 18.01.2021 10:00:00

Kako je kripto svet zaprl usta dvomljivcem

Uspelo nam je! Po 3. letih laži svetovnih in domačih politikov, centralnih bank ter bankirjev svetovnega kova (Jamie Daimon), da kriptovalute nikoli ne bodo uspele, se je izkazalo, da je bil kripto razred daleč najbolj donosna investicija.
Objavljeno: 12.01.2021 09:00:00

Pregled trgov 03.01. - 09.01.

Pregled trgov 03.01. - 09.01. 
Objavljeno: 11.01.2021 10:00:00

Pregled trgov 27.12. - 02.01.

Pregled trgov 27.12. - 02.01. 
Objavljeno: 04.01.2021 10:00:00

Pregled trgov 20.12. - 26.12.

Pregled trgov 20.12. - 26.12. 
Objavljeno: 28.12.2020 10:00:00

Kaj napovedujejo Bitcoinu v letu 2021?

Leto 2020 bo vlagateljem v Bitcoin, kljub pandemiji, kot kaže ostalo v lepem spominu.
Objavljeno: 22.12.2020 09:00:00

Pregled trgov 13.12. - 19.12.

Pregled trgov 13.12. - 19.12. 
Objavljeno: 21.12.2020 10:00:00

Pregled trgov 06.12. - 12.12.

Pregled trgov 06.12. - 12.12. 
Objavljeno: 15.12.2020 10:00:00

Pregled trgov 29.11. - 05.12.

Pregled trgov 29.11. - 05.12. 
Objavljeno: 07.12.2020 10:00:00

Pregled trgov 22.11. - 28.11.

Pregled trgov 22.11. - 28.11. 
Objavljeno: 30.11.2020 10:00:00

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Here are the key levels analysts are watching after Bitcoin’s latest sell off

Bitcoin’s recent price action has been firmly controlled by sellers, who have been able to successfully push BTC down to its November 25th lows of $6,...
Objavljeno: 18.12.2019 02:41:46

Fidelity Launching Crypto Services in Europe, Citing ‘Significant Interest’

Fidelity Investments is expanding its crypto services to European clients after seeing increasing potential in this market. The expansion builds upon ...
Objavljeno: 18.12.2019 02:00:26

Bitcoin Shows Same Buy Signal Seen at 2018 Bottom of $3,150

With Bitcoin collapsing by 5% in the past days, moving from $7,150 to $6,750 as of the time of writing this, traders have once again flipped decidedly...
Objavljeno: 18.12.2019 00:00:56

Circle Sells OTC Desk to Kraken to Focus On Stablecoin

Circle sells over-the-counter desk Circle Trading to Kraken in continued reductions at the firm, which says it is all part of honing in on stablecoin ...
Objavljeno: 17.12.2019 23:30:00

MakerDAO continues to lead DeFi space with over 49% dominance

DeFi or decentralized finance has seen a new wave of adoption in 2019 and platforms have started to realize its potential and its ability to transform...
Objavljeno: 17.12.2019 23:00:36

Bears Take Full Control of Bitcoin, But Here’s Why Recovery Can’t Be Dismissed

Bitcoin has continued to move lower as bears take full control of the cryptocurrency’s price action, and it now appears to be a certainty that BTC wil...
Objavljeno: 17.12.2019 23:00:04

Ethereum’s Ice Age feature to cause another hard fork around January 1

Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork finally went live in December 2019, however, everything did not go as it was expected to. Ethereum’s Ice Age...
Objavljeno: 17.12.2019 22:48:26

Why Bitcoin is having an un-merry Christmas

The price of Bitcoin crashed again today. But the worst may be yet to come, according to crypto industry insiders.The post Why Bitcoin is having an un...
Objavljeno: 17.12.2019 22:45:08

Two Russians Arrested For Infecting State Computers With Crypto Mining Programs

Two Russian men have been arrested and prosecuted for allegedly infecting state-owned computer hardware with a program that would mine cryptocurrency ...
Objavljeno: 17.12.2019 22:28:07

Chainalysis: PlusToken Is Dumping on Huobi OTCs, May Be Eating Into BTC Price

Chainalysis has traced the PlusToken team’s attempts to sell ill-gotten bitcoin through Huobi OTC desks, potentially influencing the BTC price.The pos...
Objavljeno: 17.12.2019 22:26:00

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