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Pregled trgov 25.11.-01.12.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (25.11.2019-01.12.2019).
Objavljeno: 02.12.2019 14:30:00

Kraja na borzi Upbit

Varnost denarnic v kripto-svetu še vedno zelo pomembna
Objavljeno: 28.11.2019 11:30:00

Pregled trgov 18.11.-24.11.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (18.11.2019-24.11.2019).
Objavljeno: 25.11.2019 14:30:00

Pregled trgov 11.11.-17.11.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (11.11.2019-17.11.2019).
Objavljeno: 18.11.2019 14:30:00

Pregled trgov 4.11.-10.11.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (4.11.2019-10.11.2019).
Objavljeno: 11.11.2019 08:30:00

Pregled trgov 28.10.-3.11.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (21.10.2019-27.10.2019).
Objavljeno: 04.11.2019 08:30:00

Pregled trgov 21.10.-27.10.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (21.10.2019-27.10.2019).
Objavljeno: 28.10.2019 08:30:00

Pregled trgov 14.10.-20.10.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (14.10.2019-20.10.2019).
Objavljeno: 22.10.2019 08:30:00

Pregled trgov 07.10.-13.10.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (07.10.2019-13.10.2019).
Objavljeno: 15.10.2019 10:30:00

Pregled trgov 30.09.-06.10.

Tedenski pregled kripto trga (30.09.2019-06.10.2019).
Objavljeno: 07.10.2019 10:30:00

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What Are Bitcoin Price Gaps? How Can They Affect The Price?

There are many ways in which cryptocurrency trading resembles the traditional ones, but there are just as many differences, as well. That’s why ...
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It’s Time to Upgrade to Bitcoin Casinos

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Deutsche Bank Strategist Predicts Crypto Could Replace Fiat Money

Deutsche Bank analysts have made some predictions regarding the future of cryptocurrency. Strategist Jim Reid explained why cryptocurrencies are inevi...
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How many Bitcoins should you own to stay a millionaire?

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How Indian tech companies are jumping on the blockchain train

India’s government has a new national strategy for blockchain, and these companies are poised to seize the opportunity.The post How Indian tech compan...
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Another bitcoin mining farm coming in the US, this time backed by Winklevoss Capital and Polychain

Crusoe Energy Systems, a Denver-based company that converts natural gas to energy-intensive computing, is set to build a new bitcoin mining facility.T...
Objavljeno: 08.12.2019 14:30:08

Korean Government to Tax Crypto Capital Gains from 2020

The Korean government is preparing legal tools to tax capital gains from the sale of crypto assets. Specialized legislation to target digital asset de...
Objavljeno: 08.12.2019 14:21:52

Got Crypto? $475K in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Buys Airbnb Villas and Top Restaurant in Bali

Crypto enthusiasts can now use Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum to purchase a sprawling commercial property located in Bali, Indonesia. The rental income...
Objavljeno: 08.12.2019 14:15:17

Decoding Litecoin With Charlie Lee on Let’s Talk Bitcoin

In the latest podcast of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, we have listened to a detailed and holistic perspective related to cryptocurrency. The guest on the show ...
Objavljeno: 08.12.2019 14:00:52

Bitcoin used by criminals to evade taxes: IRS' Criminal Investigation Report 2019

Internal Revenue Services [IRS] released a 2019 criminal investigation report celebrating its 100 years of law enforcement. The report entailed the fi...
Objavljeno: 08.12.2019 13:30:48

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